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Summer Slash Collection Coming to Indian Hills

With the recent moisture in Indian Hills, it may be hard to think about property mitigation and slash disposal. But removing slash and creating a defensible space around your home is the first line of defense against future wildfires.

To make your job easier, slash collection is coming to Indian Hills. Scheduled for 9 am - 4 pm June 18-19 and July 30-31 at Parmalee Elementary School, the event is open to all Jefferson County residents. The slash collection site will accept tree debris, pine needles, tree bark, pine cones, and limbs with a maximum length of eight feet and a maximum diameter of six inches. Tree stumps, grass clippings, construction materials, rocks, and household trash will not be accepted.

Fees for slash drop off will be $20 per load, with a load consisting of a truck bed to truck cab height or a trailer up to 8 x 4 feet in size. Only credit card payment will be accepted.

For more information, contact either Mark Danner at Jefferson County at 303- 271-5008 or Bret Roller at Rolling R Ranch at 303-589- 4698.

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